On January 25, 2011 HHT's EASYGUT was awarded patent number 7,784,235 as recognition, indeed, the safest way of opening a big game animal for field dressing.  This event coincided with the start of production of HHT's newest addition to it's tool set, The patent pending EASY GUT - TRACHEA CUTTER.  The T-tool is a multi-purpose field dressing tool used to provide an ergonomic, efficient cutting tool for all of the cutting chores after the animal is open.  HHT spent four years designing, developing and field testing the T-Tool!  Any hunter that has ever fished a knife up into the chest cavity will instantly see the value in this versatile cutter!  The T-Tool is used to cut the trachea and all of the other membranes including trimming the diaphragm from the chest wall.  It is much more maneuverable that an ordinary knife lessening the chance of cutting anything not needing or wanting cutting!  HHT is dedicated to designing and providing tools and equipment that are a genuine help to hunters young and old!